Criminal court fixes a date for a verdict of Mubarak

Mohmoud Shaaban:

The criminal court in Cairo headed by the chancellor Ahmed Refaat fixes today, Wednesday, a date for a verdict in killing the protestors’ issue

 in which the former president Mubarak, his two sons, Habib Al Adly- the former minister of interior- and six of his assistances are convicted.


The court hears today comments of the defense of the accused around the prosecution’s comments, as the court fixed today’s session as the last chance to hear the defense before the verdict.

The prosecution emphasized in its comment that the absence of main doer doesn’t drop charges against the accomplice partner, adding that Mubarak is a considered an accomplice in murdering the protesters. Prosecutors also claimed the Ministry of Interior’s responsibility for the original ambiguity of the doer, noting that the failure of the police bodies in assisting the prosecution, it was impossible for the latter to access to the original committers of the crime, the thing that does not deny the charge of the accused of participating and inciting.

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