Current Fuel Crisis Is Unjustifiable And Petroleum Ministry Injects Extra Quantities

Ahmed Abdel Ghaffar, Member of Petroleum Products Division, at the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI), said the current diesel fuel crisis, which started to exaggerate since days, is unjustifiable as Egypt imports large amounts for the local consumption beside what is being produced. He added that although Eng. Hadara, Egyptian Minister of Petroleum, confirmed that there are strict disciplines to control the petroleum products, but the diesel and petrol are sold by exorbitant prices.

The main reason behind the diesel fuel crisis is caused by not increasing the production of the petroleum products, the bad condition of the refineries and the lack of disciplines for distributing the petroleum products.

On his part, Eng. Tarek Al-Mulla, Deputy Chairman of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), stated that the corporation injects as to 37.000 tons of diesel and 15.000 tons of petrol daily for all the gas stations.

He referred that these daily quantities exceed the needs of the local consumption; emphasizing that there is no crisis at the present time, even though the ministry started to deal with the crisis via studying the volume of consumption as well as the quantities that injects daily.