Egypt Police Battle Street Vendors In Impoverished Area Of Imbaba

According to the Ministry of Interior official Facebook page, police started a clampdown on “unlicensed street vendors” in the Imbaba district of Ard Ellewa. Several kiosks were forcefully removed because they lacked proper licenses.

Unconfirmed Twitter testimonies claim police used tear gas canisters to disperse street vendors working in the area.

The MOI page did not specify whether the unlicensed shops were notified beforehand that they would be evacuated.

Pictures posted by the MOI page show bulldozers breaking down and removing several small shops in the slum area.

Unlicensed kiosks and makeshift stands cause many problems in Cairo, such as invading much of the sidewalk and street space, operate without paying taxes and it is suspect that some of the vendors are forced work for the “owners.”


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