Egypt to export aluminum rods and bars to Italy with €4m

Egyptian Commercial Services Office in Milan concluded an agreement between one of largest Italian firms working in importing aluminium and Egyptian firms.

Egyptian Trade Minister Tarek Qabil stated Monday that according to the agreement, the Egyptian firms are set to supply the Italian side with around 2,000-3,000 tonnes of aluminium bars and rods with net worth of €4 million annually.

Head of Egyptian Commercial Service Office (ECS), Ahmed Antar added that Milan office is set to receive export offers from the Egyptian firms on providing the agreed upon amount soon.

The official added that the business volume of the Italian firm is estimated at €150 million while it imports 40,000 tonnes of aluminium per year.

Antar clarified that these agreements come as a result of efforts exerted by the Egyptian commercial offices to implement trade ministry’s strategy and vision for enhancing state’s exports to different foreign markets.

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