Egypt to support Guinea’s agriculture development

The Egyptian Minister of Agriculture has pledged support to bolster agricultural development in Equatorial Guinea, highlighting the strong bonds between the two African nations. The minister underscored Egypt’s commitment to assisting African countries, singling out Equatorial Guinea as a priority partner,

El Quseir, during a recent meeting with his Guinean counterpart,  Juan José Ndong Tomo, revealed that directives from President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi emphasised Egypt’s eagerness to aid Equatorial Guinea, showcasing a united front in fostering cooperation and progress.

The Minister stressed that Egypt has a vast experience and is ready to extend comprehensive support to Equatorial Guinea across various agricultural domains, including the production of high-quality seeds, veterinary vaccines, and applied research.

The Minister also proposed ambitious initiatives aimed at solidifying agricultural ties between Egypt and Equatorial Guinea. He suggested the establishment of a model farm in Guinea, overseen by Egyptian experts, to serve as a beacon of agricultural excellence. Additionally, plans for a joint technical committee and a memorandum of understanding (MOU) were put forth, outlining the framework for future collaboration and communication channels.

Notably, the Minister’s proposals come at a crucial juncture, as Egypt witnesses an unprecedented surge in agricultural exports, further highlighting the nation’s potential to contribute significantly to Equatorial Guinea’s agricultural landscape.

Attribution: Cabinet.

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