Egypt Tops Saudi Aid List at $5.9 billion Since 1990

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Saudi Arabia allocated SR252 billion ($67.2 billion) in aid to foreign countries between 1990 and 2014, according to a financial report.

Saudis gave SR85 billion ($22.7 billion) in aid to nine Arab countries, namely Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, Palestine, Morocco, Sudan, and Djibouti, between 2011-2014, said the report. According to the report, however, only SR40.8 billion ($10.9 billion) actually reached those countries. Egypt captured the lion’s share of Saudi actual aid, at SR22.3 billion ($5.9 billion), or 55 percent, followed by Jordan, at SR7.2 billion ($1.9 billion), or 17 percent, the report said.

Egypt also topped the list, having received the biggest portion of money allocated by the Saudi government, at SR24.4 billion, or 29 percent of the total sum of aid.

This is followed by Yemen, which received SR14.3 billion, Jordan (SR11.2 billion), Bahrain (SR10.7 billion), Oman at SR9.4 billion, Palestine (SR 6.7 billion), Morocco (SR6.2 billion), Sudan (SR2 billion), and Djibouti (SR255 million).

Meanwhile, Yemen was the third largest recipient of Saudi actual aid after Egypt and Jordan in the last three years, having received SR4.4 billion, followed by Palestine (SR3.9 billion), Morocco (SR1.8 billion), Sudan (SR900 million), Bahrain (SR259 million) and Djibouti (SR68 million).

Source: Arab News