Egyptian prominent businessman Hussein Sabbour dies at age of 85

Egyptian businessman Hussein Sabbour passed away on Thursday, at the age of 85, his son Ahmed Hussein Sabbour announced on his official page on Facebook.

Born in 1936, Hussein Fayek Sabbour was a civil engineer and architect.

Sabbour founded many prominent real estate development companies in Egypt that participated in several national mega projects across various new cities. He was also president of the Egyptian Businessmen Association.

Sabbour was the head of Engineer Hussein Sabbour Consulting Office, which is one of the first engineering consultancies firms in Egypt. The company had designed and supervised the construction of a large number of projects, including the Arkadia Commercial and Residential Complex, the Underground Regional line, and phase 2 of the Electrical Power Stations in Katamya Hills, Sama Al Qahira, and Dyar.

In 1994, Sabbour founded Al Ahly for Real Estate Development, a leader of the real estate industry in Egypt, where the National Bank of Egypt holds 40 percent of its capital. His aspirational vision was to establish Al Ahly as one of the first engineering consultancy firms in Egypt, and to build it into the most empowering and prominent real estate businesses.

Through Al Ahly, Sabbour was able to fund a large number of projects across the North African country.

He was also chairman of several companies whose activities are related to the engineering field. Among these companies include: Oriental Resorts for Touristic Development, the Al Ahly Urban Investment Company, the Sinai Management and Development Company, the Egyptian Construction and Services Company (ECSCO), and the Egyptian Company for Entertainment and Touristic Attractions (ECETA).

Moreover, Sabbour took part in founding the Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries, whose headquarters is at Istanbul and was its vice chairman for the first four years after its inception. He was also vice chairman the African Business Round Table. He also served as the former Chairman of the Egypt-U.S. Business Council.