Egypt’s Eva Pharma to export 1st batch of coronavirus treatment Favipiravir

Egyptian drug-maker, Eva Pharma, is ready to start exporting “Favipiravir” an anti-viral compound that has proven to be effective in combating the new coronavirus in treating patients, said chief executive Riad Armanious said.

The company has begun manufacturing antiviral drug Avipiravir, which has proved effective in treating coronavirus patients in Russia as part of ongoing clinical trials in Japan and other countries.

Thus becoming the first In the Region and continent  to manufacture generic favipiravir of the Japanese antiviral Avigan, which is used to treat severe influenza, respiratory viruses and mild to moderate COVID-19 patients.

The announcement comes a few months following EVA Pharma’s success in producing and delivering another COVID-19 treatment, Remdesivir-EVA Pharma®, to various countries in four continents. The Egyptian drug manufacturer adds it to its antiviral portfolio and acquires all approvals to commercialize it in its home market

Eva Pharma has announced it had reached a “historic” deal with Gilead Sciences Inc to become the licensed manufacturer of the US company’s antiviral treatment Remdesivir for coronavirus in 127 countries.

The company has started exporting antiviral treatment Remdesivir  to three African countries.

“We are very happy to launch Avipiravir® in Egypt and other markets across the world as we approach the winter season with expected influenza cases. This is a medicine that was made for influenza and has shown positive results for COVID patients in countries around the world and is available at a very accessible price” Armanious added

Avipiravir® is an oral antiviral drug, selectively inhibits viral replication inside the human cells and was initially authorized in Japan in 2014 as a flu treatment and it is now approved for emergency use by the Russian Ministry of Health as a potential treatment of COVID-19” said Dr. Ashraf Hatem, former Minister of Health and Population and member of the High Committee for Respiratory Viruses at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

With the continuous positive findings of Avipiravir® and EVA Pharma’s accredited facilities, by the European Union and other global health accreditations, the company has the ability to meet all demands of Avipiravir® in global markets




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