Egypt’s Housing Eyes Finalizing Settlement Cases with All Investors

Egypt’s Housing Ministry is aiming to finalize all the unsettled cases with all investors, minister Moustafa Madbouly said on Monday.

In a keynote speech at Egypt’s largest real estate exhibition Cityscape Egypt, held on 9-12 April in Cairo, Madbouly stressed that stressing that the Ministry seeks to restore investors’ confidence in Egypt. 

“We are working aggressively on amending legislations, which will create an attractive investment climate. In addition, we are working to finalize all investor settlement cases in order to reinstate investor confidence in Egypt,” Madbouly affirmed.

These settlements will keep the state’s right and solve the dilemma of investors without restoring to the judiciary, noting that each case that will be solved with the investors, will send a confidence message regarding real estate investment in the Egyptian market, Madbouly added.

He added at City Scape Summit 2014 today that the Ministry has put its expectations concerning encouraging the development movement, exiting from the remote valley, activating Egypt’s development scheme for 2052 and creating new generation from the new urban community’s cities along with reviewing its private planned features within the upcoming phase.