Egypt’s Khadamaty Seeks To Cover 1500 Centrals This Year

Khadamaty (the Egyptian Services Company) eyes to cover about 1500 centrals across governorates to be enlisted for e-financing services.

Ehab El-Said, Head of the Divison and Managing Director of Khadamaty, said the Khadamaty seeks to make the best use of the additional offers of mobile phones in the coming period, as it based on providing ‘money transfer via mobile phone ‘ service, which the Ministry of Information Communication Technology (MCIT) has decided to activate the work in it  since last April.

El-Said has asserted that his company aims to make centrals as a starting point to launch services between the customers.

El-Said added that his company cooperates with all parties in order to provide services, pointing out that Khadamaty has signed a cooperation protocol between Ministry of State for Administrative and Local Development to provide integrated e-government services throughout centrals which contracting with the company.

El-Said said Khadamaty provides its services to 620 centrals distributed in 17 governorates across the country, asserting that it is seeking to reach 1500 centers by the end of the current year.

Moreover, he has emphasized that the company is targeting for a repaid deployment in Egypt’s governorates through the establishment of centrals , adding that the launching of mobile phone applications in the last year will increase the number of the users under the spreading of smartphones which reached 30% from the total of the users.