Egypt’s long-time women rights fighter Nawal El Saadawi passes away at 90

Nawal El Saadawi who was often perceived as the most radical feminist in modern day Egypt has passed away at 90.

She has for a long time been considered as a women’s rights activist.

Although the Egyptian figure’s background was as a physician and a psychiatrist, she quickly rose to prominence for her writing and political activities, earning her the title of the ‘Simone de Beauvoir of the Middle East’ with her most famed books being ‘Woman at Point Zero’, ‘God Dies by the Nile’ and ‘The Hidden Face of Eve’.

Her writings are powerful and blunt, with a particular focus on the origins of sexism, Arab identity, sexuality, women’s education, the perils of classism and capitalism on women’s rights as well as the harms of colonialism, fundamentalism, and oppression.

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