Egypt’s Planning: EGP300 bln Investments Expected in 2013-14 Plan

Dr Ashraf Al Araby, Egyptian Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, has expected that the initial volume of investments, whether governmental investments or private ones, in the 2013-2014 plan could reach EGP 300 billion to achieve 16% output investing rate and 4% growth rate within the coming year.

Al Araby added that the plan will be finalized within 10 days, and then will be presented to the society.

The (2013-2014) economic development plan takes in 5 key targets. The first one is represented in achieving growth and competition, the second factor is about fighting corruption, while the third one is represented in attaining the social justice, the fourth factor is the spatial development and the last factor is about the indicators and following up the plans’ evaluation.

The minister has referred that the new plan is set by societal participation through exchanging the experiences with economists as well as different political tendencies and the civil society organizations to attain a real participation.