INJAZ Egypt launches “Starting Right” program for students

INJAZ Egypt launched  “Starting Right” which is an interdisciplinary learning experience that tackles basic concepts and trains its participants on skills related to INJAZ Egypt’s educational pillars: work readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of self-discovery and teamwork.

Over the course of the 2018/2019 academic year, MetLife sponsored the program. This program provides students with intensive experience, as they get divided into teams, the participants are engaged in interactive business activities, in which they learn about the challenges of high quality production, and apply financial principles to track their income and expenses.

Through INJAZ Egypt’s Starting Right, MetLife touched the lives of 3,760 students across 94 classes in 24 Egyptian public schools. Seventeen MetLife volunteers committed themselves to 85 hours of engaging with the Fifth and Sixth Primary students on the program material.

“Our partnership with Injaz is based on our belief in INJAZ Egypt’s mission and purpose. If you want to make a change in the community, you have to start with the new young generations. This is where the role of Injaz programs, to change behaviors and shape the way of thinking, becomes vital. We volunteer with INJAZ because we believe in their role. We are very proud to partner with INJAZ, also volunteers always feel satisfied by giving back to the community through Injaz programs.”  Nevine Edward, Human Ressources Manager

INJAZ Egypt is a non-profit organization empowering young people to own their economic success. INJAZ has been working in Egypt for 15 years to promote the skills of employability and to promote entrepreneurship among Egypt’s chronically unemployed youth.

Through the delivery of hands-on educational programs in financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship, we empower young people to grow their entrepreneurial ideas, hone their work skills, manage their earnings and investments, and secure better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. Partnering with businesses and educational institutions across the country, INJAZ Egypt is the largest member of the 14 – nation INJAZ Al-Arab network, belonging to one of the world’s largest youth-serving NGOs – Junior Achievement Worldwide. With more than 100 member countries, the JA Worldwide network is powered by over 470,000 volunteers and mentors, serving over 10 million young people around the world each year.