Italy Welcomes Investing in Egypt’s Global Logistic City: Minister

Egyptian Minister of Supply Khaled Hanafy revealed that Italy welcomes participating and investing in National project of global logistic city for grains in Damietta.

During the meeting with the delegation of Italian embassy in Cairo, Hanafy noted that Egypt suggested making joint cooperation so as to launch silos and logistic regions to collect grains, vegetables and fruits.

The delegation is also proposed to launch silos in order to store wheat and to reduce wasting wheat in addition to preserve Dust and weather conditions, Hanafy added.

The Egyptian-Italian cooperation comes in the frame of alliances which established with several numbers of Foreign and Arab countries as well as investors in addition to international firms including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Sudan, Ethiopia, Rwanda , South Korea, American firms to take part and invest in Egypt’s national projects most notably the global logistics center for grains.



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