New Suez Canal Expects 11 New Dredges Next May

Drudges working in the New Suez Canal Project will be raised to 41 by next May to implement the project by the deadline, said Mohab Memish, Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority today.

Memish said, during the Canada Egypt Business Council (CEBC) seminar, the new Suez Canal project witnesses the biggest dredging operation through history, as there are 75% of the world dredges in the New Canal.

The  project aims to increase Suez Canal’s  income by 259%, which means raising the ships number passing through the canal to 97 ships instead of the current 49, Memish explained.

Moreover, he noted that the project will be opened on time by next August, putting into consideration raising the global trade volume and accommodate with the expected growth rates.

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