New Suez Canal most Significant Project in 2014: poll

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New Suez Canal Project is the greatest and most prominent project in Egypt during 2014, a new opinion poll has found.

The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research (Baseera)’s poll commissioned by the leading economic magazine Amwal Al Ghad found that New Suez Canal project enjoys a 63 percent approval rating among voters.

The project to dig a new channel parallel to the145-year-old historic waterway Suez Canal is considered as the most remarkable project in 2014 that gains the trust of large numbers of Egyptians.

Baseera has polled out 550 voters of 18 years and older.

The voters said the New Suez Canal project is a great turning point in pursuit of growing the national economy in the upcoming period since it is set to attract giant industrial and tourist investments.

The revenues from the Suez Canal, after the completion of the new channel, are expected to jump from 5.3 billion dollars to 13.226 billion dollars annually. The project aims to achieve sustainable development for the Suez Canal region and create more job opportunities in the cities along the Canal (Ismallia, Suez, and Port Said), in addition to Sinai, and neighbouring governorates.

Meanwhile, the other 9% votes were distributed among other national projects in 2014, most notably the project of one million housing units and the national project for roads.

On the other hand, 29% of the Egyptians polled said they cannot define the most prominent national project in 2014.