Nile Sat earnings slip 20.5% in 2019, recorded $42.5 mln

Egyptian satellite company Nile Sat’s primary financial indicators showed that net earnings slipped to $42.5 million, down by 20.5 percent YoY, as top-line weakened to $130.7 million, a drop of 9.9 percent YoY in 2019.

According to the company disclosure, the gross processing margin dropped to 27.23 percent down from 32.3 percent in 2018.

It also showed that cash inflows to and from operating activities decreased to $30.870 million in 2019, down from $57.144 million with a decline of 46.91 percent. Cash inflows to and from investment have also shrunk to $23.825 million, down from $90.662 million in 2018 with a decline of 162.79 percent.

Furthermore, cash flows to and from funding activities have dropped to $21.016 million compared to $23.055 million in 2018, with a decline of 8.84 percent.

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