Partnership between Govt, Civil Society and Private Sector resolve the Housing’s Problems

Dr Hussein Abdel Aziz, professor of political sciences in Cairo University, stated a number of general principles for resolving housing’s problems; this was on the sideline of “Future of Egypt” conference.

One of the most prominent is a community partnership, which allows stakeholders achieve the aims, between the government, civil society and the private sector. This partnership will also build Demography aims with specified dimensions and effects through comprehensive development programs.

He said that the society has to understand the cost and return of the housing- development policies and saving the necessary materials according to the specified priorities. He called for the necessity of having institutional framework that takes over the responsibility of putting the housing plans and coordinates between participation, following up and estimation factors; as for the different sectors, they take over the responsibility of implementation according to their work fields.

Abdel Aziz underscored the necessity of supporting the orientation towards the concept of small family and expanding its effect on population volume. This supporting will be by the demography transforming through the supporting policies for changing the directions towards the family volume in fields of health, education and enhancing the woman’s position in the society.

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