Picasso’s Femme à la Montre makes stop at the UAE

Pablo Picasso’s Femme à la Montre is set to make a stop in Dubai on Tuesday and Wednesday as part of its world tour.

The painting has been going around the globe before it is set to be auctioned in New York. It depicts Picasso’s lover and Golden Muse Marie-Therese Walter.

Femme à la Montre is considered one of Picasso’s most prominent works and is expected to raise an estimated value of $120 million.

Picasso was suffering an artistic block and failed to produce new paintings until he met Walter in the 1930s, giving him inspiration to go back to drawing.

The masterpiece was created in 1932 and is considered an extremely rare portrait of Walter.

Walter has been a prominent muse of Picasso to the point where the Musée National Picasso-Paris and Tate Modern collaborated in 2017 to showcase paintings depicting her.

Sotheby’s Dubai will be housing the artwork with this being the first time this piece makes an appearance in the region.

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