Saudi Aramco, Sonatrach raise OSPs for LPG by 13-22% in Sep vs Aug

Saudi Arabia’s state oil producer Aramco and Algeria’s Sonatrach raised on Monday the official selling prices for liquefied petroleum gas by 13-22 percent, compared to August amid rising oil prices and limited global LPG supply, traders told Reuters.

Aramco’s OSP for propane rose by $80 to $550 per ton in February PRO-OFFCL-SA, while the OSP for butane increased by $100 to $560 per ton BUT-OFFCL-SA.

Sonatrach’s OSP for propane rose by $60 to $530 per ton PRO-OFFCL-DZ, and the OSP for butane went up by $85 to $550 per ton BUT-OFFCL-DZ.

Aramco’s OSPs for LPG are used as a reference for contracts to supply the product from the Middle East to the Asia-Pacific region. Sonatrach’s OSPs for LPG are used as benchmarks for the Mediterranean, Black Sea region and Turkey.

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