Tahya Misr Fund to build 100 Schools, 17 Universities in Egypt

Egypt’s Tahya Misr Fund is set to build 100 schools and 17 universities in Egypt costing around 500 million Egyptian pounds to 600 million pounds, it said on Tuesday.

The fund will be responsible for paying 50 percent of the establishment costs. It will also participate in the construction of 100 schools with 3,000 rooms in 2024, worth around 15 billion pounds in total.

The fund will also pay $50 million to support creative university students, along with an additional $50 million allocation from the government.

The initiative is seeking to enhance and establish a supportive environment for students to help them showcase their talents, the statement said.

According to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Egypt is currently working on having at least one technical university in each of the 27 Egyptian governorates.

Egypt’s number of public, private, and national universities doubled in the past decade to a total of 96 in 2023, up from 50 in 2014.

The establishment of the new universities, excluding operating costs, reached approximately 180 billion pounds.

Tahya Misr is a national fund that helps achieve sustainable economic growth and alleviate poverty in Egypt.

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