Telecom Ministry : Egypt’s Internet Users Via Mobile Retreat With 2.56% July-End

The number of internet subscribers via mobile phone have declined at the end of July with 2.56%, so the number of subscribers reached 13.2 million in compared to 13.55 million at the end of June. The Ministry’s report.

The report added the number of subscribers retreated with 0.39% to make the total number of subscribers reach 35.8 million in July compared to 35.9 million in June.

The report has explained that the internet users via mobile phone are about 13.6% against 14% during June, retreating with 0.38%, whereas the number of ADSL subscribers reached 2.43 million.

The number of USB internet subscribers has retreated with 0.37%, so the number of subscribers are about 3.34 million at the end of June 2013.

Meanwhile, the mobile phone market has surged by 0.12% (96.9 million subscribers) in July, against 96.77 million at the end of June with 115.7% penetration rate.

The report has emphasized that the number of fixed telephone subscribers went up with 1.5 million within July move up with 7 million subscribers, noting that penetration rate of fixed telephone up 8.6%.