The American Chamber: We will coexist economically without the aid

Amwal Al Gad:

Egyptian experts criticized the American threats to Egypt on cutting off the aid, after its stance on the American fund to the civil society organizations. They added that the existing economic aid is trivial.

Gamal Muhram, the American Chamber’s head of board in Cairo, said the local economy can coexist without the American economic aid.

About the decision of  banning Ray LaHood-the American minister of transport- son from traveling, he said it had to reconsider the procedures and consequences of this decision; referring to LaHood  as the most defender of Egypt’s interests in the US.

He mentioned that the interests with the US required allowing him to travel with notifying him that his return to Cairo is undesirable.

Bassant Fahmy- a chamber’s member- said the aid’s numbers are trivial, but the former regime used to humiliate Egyptians, referring to the necessity of coexisting economically without the aid; but she refused having troubles with the US, saying “rules should be respected” “it is not right to consider America as our enemy”


Dr Ahmed Galal, chairman of economic research forum, assured that America will go wrong if it doesn’t help Egypt in passing the transitional phase easily.

He said, in reports to Elmasry El Youm that he advised eminent American officials to support the political changes that happen in Egypt.

He also expected the American politics toward the Middle East area will change in this current period, as the Egyptian revolution will lead the area in the coming period.

He added that borrowing from the IMF is not a gift from any, but it is Egypt’s right. He refused any dictations from the fund concerns the Egyptian national security.

Shreif Dollar, an economic expert, said the American threats on cutting off the aid are just a mean to put pressure. He called for reforming the state general budget to achieve surplus by depending on self abilities.