The coalition of “Ebni Beetak” protests in front of the cabinet next Thursday

The coalition of “Ebni Beetak” is organizing a protest to take place in front of the cabinet next Thursday, to demand the rapid delivery of the project’s facilities, especially after the Urban Communities Authority’s non commitment to deliver the facilities by this March.


Vice President of Ebni Beetak organization, Taha Gado, assured that facilities were not delivered except for district number 3 that includes 514 piece of land out of 42 thousand piece.


He cleared that a visit to the project’s site would be taken and a report would be written and presented to the parliament and the ministry to demand the dismissal of Osama Essam, the president of South Cairo electricity’s company due to his company’s delay in execution.

Vice President of the 6 October’s Union of Occupants, Ahmed Karim, revealed the union’s attempt to plan a meeting with the hosuing committee in the F&J and El Nour parties to present the idea of the project.