Transmar succeeded in promoting trade, doubling reefer container shipping

Transmar, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IACC Holdings, a leading container shipping company-owned and operated exclusively by Egyptians, has been taking part in promoting trade within the region between Egypt and its most strategic diplomatic and commercial partner like KSA, United Arab of Emirates and Sudan.

The company is the leading carrier of containerized cargo in the region and the provider of an unparalleled level of service to businesses across the Middle East, Red Sea, and Arabian Gulf. Transmar plays a vital role in enhancing the reach and role of Egypt as a key player in international and regional trade.

Transmar has been standing strong for more than 40 years in the market despite turbulence the shipping industry has seen, specifically in 2020 due to the spread of the pandemic that shook global supply chains. Building on the company’s edge of being the only Egyptian shipping line serving Egypt’s largest commercial/diplomatic partners in the region, today they celebrate another successful year in the market.

Their flexibility, responsiveness as well as tailored solution, makes the business agile in the face of change.

Mohamed El Ahwal, Group CEO of IACC Holdings, commented on Transmar’s performance during the year: “We are thankful to our people and partners who have driven our success in the face of the uncertainty businesses the globe over had to deal with. The combined efforts and experience and our solidarity have proven that success lies in reputation, the trust and exemplary service we continue to provide our partners and customers.”

Al Ahwal added “I would also like to thank the Suez Canal Economic Authority for its constant interest in overcoming the obstacles facing companies operating in the region, including Transmar.”

Transmar has had the slogan of “regional partner” for decades – a container line that is here to stay to serve and support the inter-regional trade between Egypt and its largest trading partners.

In 2020, Transmar has served hundreds of customers who rely on inter-regional trade within their supply chains, achieving a trading volume of over 75,000 TEUs, while witnessing a doubling of reefer container shipping exports indicating a boom in agricultural trade between Egypt and neighboring countries.

Commenting on the global shipping industry and the implications of COVID-19, Ahmed El Ahwal, Commercial Manager at IACC Holdings explained: “the pandemic shook global supply chains in 2020 in an unprecedented manner and sent receivers on a mission to “de-risk their supply chains.”

Doing so means developing a deeper understanding of their dependence on their suppliers and the risks associated with that trade. In essence, “de-risking” for many meant that receivers are now looking to grow trade with their neighbor, where lead time is shorter and relatively protected from global shocks.”


Transmar’s trusted reputation in the market has enabled continued operations during the year through a group of important and vital ports like Adabiya Port, Jeddah Port, and Port Sudan, serving as the regional partner to Egyptian exporters.