Tutankhamun -The Immersive Exhibition to be displayed in Grand Egyptian Museum, Nov

For the first time in Egypt the spectacular Tutankhamun-The Immersive Exhibition will be hosted by the Grand Egyptian Museum, next November.

Madrid Artes Digitales (MAD), the exhibit’s producer promises us an art journey to Ancient Egypt by the hand of the Pharaoh Child to experience the history of an absolutely magical civilization.

Using state-of-the art projections and 360-degree visual spectacle you will enjoy discovering the 3,400 years old temples, treasures and secrets of Ancient Egypt through different rooms: immersive, exhibition, virtual reality and augmented reality.

King Tut was the last member of his royal family to rule during the end of the 18th Dynasty. He was about 9 years old when he took the throne around 1332 B.B. and ruled until his death in 1323 B.C. at 19. 

Excited enough, follow The Grand Egyptian Museum  website to see tickets and schedule that will be announced soon. GEM(world’s largest archaeological museum), located next door to the pyramids, is predicted to be fully opened by the end of this year.


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