U.S. markets follow massive sell-off on Wednesday

U.S. Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA eased by 1.70 percent to reach level of 30,183.78 and S&P 500 index shed by 1.71 percent to record 3,789.93.

Nasdaq Composite decrease by 1.79 percent to end the session at 11,220.19, while Russell 2000 index shrunk by 1.42 percent to reach 1,762.16.

In Canada, S&P/TSX60 fall by 1.03 percent to settle at 1,160.53 and Toronto’s Stock Exchange TSX COMP declined by 0.95 percent as it closed the trading session at 19,184.54.

On the other hand, Santiago Stock Exchange S&P IPSA index gained on trading session by 0.54 percent to record 5,369.33 as well Brazilian index added 0.10 percent and end at 111,935.86.

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