Ragaa El-Gedawy, a star of Egypt’s Golden age, dies after 43-day-long battle against coronavirus

Well-Known Egyptian actress Ragaa El-Gedawy died on Sunday at the age of 81 years old, after a publicised 43-day struggle with the coronavirus.

El-Gedawy is one of the most beloved actresses with a fruitful six-decade career.

Ragaa El-Gedawy

In her early years, she lived with her aunt, bellydancer and actress Tahiya Carioca, who raised her. Carioca had been an abuse survivor, escaping from life with her brother, who would torture her and enslave her in chains. She raised Al Geddawy and her sister, when the two moved from the small city of Ismailia to the big city of Cairo.

The late legendary actress tested positive for the coronavirus in May, two days before she wrapped up filming for the TV series “Le’bet El Nesyan”

She was moved to a hospital in Ismailia, north-east of Cairo, for treatment on 24 May. El-Gedawy had been transferred into the intensive care unit, as her health worsened.

El-Gedawy performed in many films, including Douaa Al-kawrawan (The Nightingale’s Prayer) in 1959.

Image Credit: Instagram.com/ragaaelgedawy/