Vodafone Egypt CEO says Egypt 4G penetration at 25%

Egypt’s 4G penetration ratio does not exceed 25 percent, said Vodafone Egypt chief executive Alexandre Froment-Curtil on Monday.

The chance of adopting 5G technology in Egypt is little for now, Froment-Curtil said at the 11th edition of Fibre to the Home (FTTH) Council Middle East and North Africa Conference taking place in Cairo.

As 5G mobile broadband standard is close on the horizon worldwide, Vodafone Egypt official called the private sector and foreign investors to coordinate with the Egyptian government to develop an infrastructure needed to deploy 5G technology.

Every year, Vodafone Egypt works to devise new services to help increase 4G penetration, Froment-Curtil added.

Egypt officially launched 4G wireless services in September 2017 as part of a long-awaited plan to reform the telecoms sector and raise dollars for stretched government finances. The government sold 4G licences to four mobile operators – Vodafone Egypt, Orange, state-owned landline monopoly Telecom Egypt’s mobile network We, and Etisalat in 2016.