A home remedy to get your pink shade lips back

Lips can turn dark due to a number of reasons such as licking them often, smoking, sun exposure and more. But there is a way to get back their natural tone. If you have dark lips and want to get back the pink shade, use this pack recommended by celebrity dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad in her book ‘Skin Talks’ . Here’s how to make it.


– Take a spoonful of honey.

– Now add two drops of lemon juice.

– Apply this on your lips.

– On top of this, apply milk cream or malai on your lips.

– Now leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

– Apply this daily to see visible results within a few days.

The ingredients used in this pack will naturally lighten and moisturise your lips. They will also help prevent more damage. Even so, use a lip balm with good amount of SPF when you step out so that they stay hydrated and protected from harmful elements.

Even if your lips are dry, do not make the mistake of licking them. This bad habit can further darken it, read how. Another way to make sure that your lips don’t darken is to quit smoking. This too can really affect the colour of your lips. Here are the other ill-effects of smoking.

Source: The Health Site