Abou Ismail’s Supporters continue their Protest in front of State Council

The presidential candidate Hazim Abou Ismail’s supporters continued their protest for the second day in front of the state council, that coincide with considering the lawsuit by the state council and which filed by Abou Ismail. The lawsuit calls on the government to provide the evidence that prove his mother has the American nationality.

One of Abou Ismail’s attorneys in his statements to “Amwal Al Ghad” said that the election committee means not to provide what proves the nationality of Abou Ismail’s mother to ban him from running. The supporters’ outcries affirmed that, as they said “they said his mother is American because he said it’s Islamic”.

Also there were a number of people who support the MB’s candidate Khairat Al-Shater; as the state council also considers the lawsuit filed against him by MP Abou Al Ezz Al Hariri that calls for cancel the military junta’s pardoning decision.