Al Naggar: Forming Parliamentary Delegation to Visit Detainees in Saudi Prisons

Dr Mustafa Al Naggar, Justice Party’s MP, said he will submit a proposal to Dr Saad Al Katatni, PA’s Chairman, to form a parliamentary delegation for rights in order to visit Saudi prisons. This is to know the Egyptian detainees’ states.

Al Naggar, via his personal account on “Facebook”, said the notion of arresting Egyptians and leaving them without trials rather depending on the royal pardon violates all laws.

He announced his resentment from the silence of Egyptian embassy to Saudi Arabia over arresting the lawyer Ahmed Al Gezawi; saying “the silence of Egyptian embassy to Saudi Arabia is a stab to justice”.

The Saudi Authorities have arrested the Egyptian lawyer; accusing him of insulting the Saudi King, according to the Egyptian media. Meanwhile, the Saudi ambassador to Cairo, Ahmed al-Qattan, in a statement issued yesterday, accused Ahmed of possessing 21380 drug pills.