Egypt calls for ‘Syrian unity’ after declared Kurdish federal system

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Egypt reaffirmed its support for the unity of Syrian lands following a Thursday announcement by Syrian Kurds of the establishing of a federal region in areas under their control, Egypt’s foreign ministry spokesperson told reporters on Friday.

The Thursday declaration by Syria’s Kurds has been condemned by the Syrian government as well as the opposition.

Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman Ahmed Abo Zeid said that Egypt has continually stressed on the necessity of Kurdish participation in Syrian affairs, adding that any arrangements that do not ensure Syrian unity should be addressed by Syria internally under UN sponsorship.

He added that Egypt has warned against Kurdish exclusion, calling on all parties inside and outside Syria to uphold the country’s interest above all, and not to interfere in Syrian affairs or impose measures that lead to the disintegration of the Syrian state.

More than 150 delegates from Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian and other parties meeting in northeastern Syria agreed to create the “federal system” unifying territory run by Kurds across several Syrian provinces.

The new “federal system” is expected to centralise governance in three cantons under councils elected by the people, according to AFP.

source: AFP