Egyptian Dairy Maker Domty annual profits skyrocket 355%

The net profits of Egyptian dairy maker Arab Food Industries Company (Domty) rose by  355.4 percent during the financial year that ended in 31/12/2015.

According to company’s standalone financial lists , the consolidated net profits of recorded 128.7 million Egyptian pounds (US$14.5 million) during financial year that ended in 31/12/2015 versus net profits estimated at 28.2 million pounds.

Domty has obtained net profits worth 125.4 million pounds during 2015 compared to 25.4 million pounds in 2014.

Domty stated that this leap in profits volume was due to the decline in materials prices and the rise in sales volume.

The financial year of Arab Food Industries Company starts from January until the end of December of each year.

The lists showed that Domty’s sales volume has been boosted from 1.129 billion pounds in 2014 to 1.4 billion pounds during 2015, registering 24 percent growth.

In 2015, Domty’s sales hiked to 141,341 tonnes from 107,609 tonnes in 2014, making 31 percent increase.