EIBA Amends Unified Contract

Egyptian Insurance Brokers Association (EIBA) plans to hold a meeting with officials from Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) to discuss the amendments made to the unified contract.

EIBA made amendments to the contract and sent them to EFSA, said Adel Shaker, chairman of EIBA. The Association plans to hold a meeting with Ashraf Badr, EFSA’s representative  to discuss the matter.

Shaker added that EIBA will conclude its third training program about risk management in industrial projects.

An annual general meeting will be held in 8th of May to execute elections for board of directors and discuss the Association’s balance sheet in 2010/2011.

It is worth mentioning that there are 10 candidates applied to compete for 9 seats on the board of directors. The current members of the board will run for elections except Walid Ibrahim Ouf, deputy chairman. There are three new candidates who are Ahmed Farag Taha, Ahmed Farrag and Magda Yakoub.

The current board of directors includes Adel Shaker as a chairman, Walid Ibrahim Ouf as a deputy chairman, Ibrahim Samir as secretary of the fund, and Josiane Raouf, Hossam Abdel Rehim, Mahmoud Oraby, Ahmed Naguib and Hazem Dawod as members.