Ericsson Launches Managed Services for IT Solutions

Ericsson today confirmed the availability of managed services for IT solutions, explaining that as telecommunication operators’ IT environments play a central role in ensuring a quality subscriber experience, and significant capital investments are required for these environments to function seamlessly, Ericsson has launched its IT managed services offering.

The new offering enables operators to improve processes such as customer relationship management, services management and billing, which all translate into an enhanced subscriber experience. IT managed services will also create shareholder value by lowering the operating expenditure and the capital expenditure, which improves the return on capital investment.

“We have pioneered with IT managed services in the past, but this milestone represents our statement that we have all the elements in place to offer a full and comprehensive solution,” said Staffan Akesson, VP and head of managed services, Ericsson, Region Middle East, as Comm stated.

To be mentioned that in February 2011, Ericsson announced that UAE telco Du had signed a five-year IT management contract with it. As part of the managed services agreement, Ericsson agreed to augment Du’s IT applications and deliver development and maintenance for the UAE telco’s IT applications.