Gas Cylinder Prices Lower In Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah Department of Economic Development  (DED) in UAE announced an 18 per cent drop in gas cylinder prices for April.

The decrease comes after global gas prices dropped by 18 per cent in unit price.

Small gas cylinders will now be priced at Dh 63 ($17.15), medium gas cylinders at Dh 125 ($ 34.04), and large cylinders at Dh 250 ($ 68.07).

The decrease in price was announced during a meeting held between DED officials and gas cylinder filling companies.

Ahmad Ali Al Beloushi, Director of the Regulation and Consumer Protection Department at DED, urged companies to abide by these new prices to avoid fines of up to Dh 20,000 ($ 5446).

Al Beloushi also called on consumers to take heed of the new prices, which are updated every month by publications issued by DED, and urged them to check the conditions of their cylinders.

According to Gulf News, Al Beloushi e also called on consumers to preserve receipts for any gas cylinder purchases, and to report any price manipulations to DED’s Customer Service hotline.