Morocco, Indonesia and Malaysia seize 90 % of Egypt dates exports

Morocco, Indonesia, and Malaysia are capturing the lion’s share of 90% Egypt’s exports of dates, the Egyptian Food Export Council (FEC) revealed in a recent report.

Egypt’s dates exports reached 39,000 tonnes worth $41 million in 2016 compared to $33 million in 2015. This makes Egypt the eighth largest exporter of dates in the world in 2016, according to Manar Nasr, FEC’s executive director.

The North African country exported dates to 52 countries throughout 2016, including UAE, Qatar, Singapore, Syria, Japan, Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, China, Iraq, Lebanon, Italy, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.

Morocco is the biggest importer of the Egyptian dates capturing 62 percent share, with imports worth $25 million, followed by Indonesia of 19 percent and $7.4 million, and Malaysia of 9 percent and $3.8 million.

The FEC exerts substantial efforts to develop the Egyptian dates exports, Nasr said referring to its role in promoting for the Egyptian dates exporting companies, in cooperation with the Egyptian Commercial Service and its overseas offices.

The council helps the Egyptian companies take part in international exhibitions that contribute to the development of Egyptian food industry exports whereas dates are included.