Salem: Egypt Signs Green Technology Protocol

Both of Communications & Environment ministries signed today a new cooperation protocol for adopting the green technology, on the sidelines of Cairo ICT convention from 26-29 April.

Dr Mohamed Salem, minister of communications and information technology, said the whole world is heading to Egypt concerning the green environment projects and our achievements in such a field.

Salem elaborated that there are 89 million people carrying cell phones which mean we have 89 million batteries. One battery can pollute an Olympic swimming pool with 50 m height, 20 m wide and 2 m deep. “The electronic wastes” is one item of the protocol’s items. We have a big problem; we should start to solve it.

Meanwhile, the two ministers of communications and higher education signed a protocol to spread the initiative of a tablet for each student.

Dr Hessein Khaled, minister of higher education, for his side, emphasized on the role of the ministry of communications in interacting with the society through the other ministries. He referred to the necessity of signing a protocol between the ministries of education and higher education. He added that the tablet will make a special technological change in the field of university education.

As for ministry of education’s protocol, Salem said this protocol is not just distributing 10000 tablets to the students, will to be distributed next September; it is rather a content manufacturing that has its pioneers. We have the talents and skills to be pioneers in such industry. This industry will save 20 thousands openings. We hope to reach 22 million tablets for 20 million students in schools and 2 million universities.