The parliamentary fact finding committee meets its judicial counter on Tuesday

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Amwal Al Ghad:

With regard to recovering the smuggling fund of Egypt, the parliamentary fact-finding committee decided to hold a meeting with its judicial counter next Tuesday to find out the latest on recovering the money; that was at the end of its first meeting in the peoples’ assembly, headed by Dr Essam El-Erian- the chairman of foreign affairs committee.

MP Adel Shalan, the committee’s member, said, to MENA on Thursday, the meeting asked for knowing the procedures taken by the ministry of foreign affairs about the several embassies involved in transferring the money after what is heard about smuggling FR 410 millions.

He assured that the committee recommended the central bank to inform it about the accounts and transfers done by the former president and last year and before the revolution, stressing on recovering the money to the Egyptians.

El-Erian met today Mohammed Kamel Amr, the minister of foreign affairs; as they discussed the issues will be handled by the committee of foreign affairs next session.

Amr explained that the ministry’s role is only to be mediator between the government and the state, which has the money, and this role starts when other governmental authorities  end negotiation with the foreign banks and get to the places of these fund