11 Brotherhood Members Released On Bail Pending Re-Trial In Egypt`S Tanta

A Cairo appeal court on Friday released 11 defendants accused of membership in the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood on bail of LE 30,000 pending re-trial.

The defendants were arrested in Tanta, a city located in northern Cairo, in August 2013, soon after the violent dispersal in Cairo of two large camps of protesters calling for the return of ousted president and leading Brotherhood figure Mohamed Morsi.

The 11 defendants are accused of belonging to a terrorist group, inciting violence and riots.

The Muslim Brotherhood was declared a terrorist organisation by Egyptian authorities in December 2013.

A government crackdown on the group following the dispersal of pro-Morsi protest camps in August 2013 landed hundreds of members of the Muslim Brotherhood in jail on charges of inciting violence.

Source : Ahram online

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