1,400 units ,590K metre square in Damietta Furniture City delivered next week

Armed Forces Engineering Authority set to deliver 1,400 industrial  units and 590,000 metre square utilised lands in Damietta Furniture City next week, according to DFC Managing Director Moataz Mohamed Bahaa El Din.

He added that the anticipated  lands and units are the first phase of the project, which is one of the largest specialized industrial zones in the field of furniture industry in the Middle East.

Moataz further noted that they have received 90 percent of the first phase of the project and operated 30 workshops during the last period.

The DFC is established on an area of 331 feddans and contributes to providing many jobs including direct and indirect employment opportunities that are expected to hit 100,000 ones.

Damietta Furniture City was established with an authorized capital that reaches 5 billion Egyptian Pounds, with a 521 million Egyptian Pound capital value and a 100% Egyptian capital contribution,  after the incorporation decision decreed by the General Authority for Investment in July 2016.