Egypt to finish implementing 250K social housing units in 3 years: Maait

Egypt is set to implement 250,000 social housing units at a cost of 70 billion Egyptian pounds during the next three years, according to Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait

The state will also build 60,000 middle-income housing units at a cost of 30 million pounds, with a total 310,000 new housing unit.

Ma’it said that within the next three years, 765,000 housing units will be completed as part of the One Million Housing Initiative, at a cost of 165 billion pounds.

Egypt will finish implementing 100,000 housing units during fiscal year of 2020/2021, in addition to planning to finish implementing 105,000 units in 2021/2022, while carrying out additional 105,000 housing units during the fiscal year 2022/2023.