2 Million Egyptian Workers Are Needed In Reconstructing Libya

Dr. Mohamed El-Senousy, coordinator of the Libyan Crisis Committee, said Libya needs 2 million Egyptian workers to assist in its infrastructure projects.

With regard to what has been disseminated recently about the dismissal of Egyptian labor from Libya, El-Senousy has elaborated to “Amwal Al Ghad” that this dismissal came owing to the tension and instability of relations between Egypt and Libya, as the later asked to extradite Al Gaddafi’s partisans pursuant to the agreements of extraditing the culprits signed between both countries, while Egypt replied late.

El-Senousy expected that the coming period will witness improvement in relations between Egypt and Libya specifically in the economic field and cooperation between the two sides; referring that Egypt and Libya has strong ties and have several available investment opportunities.

He added that numerous investment opportunities will be offered to the Egyptian side over establishing ventures between the two countries; pointing to the volume of the Libya investments in the Egyptian market exceeds $ 10 billion.