21st Euromoney Conference to start in Egypt on 19 September

This year’s Euromoney Conference will be held in Egypt from 19 to 20 September and will be attended by Minister of International Cooperation Sahar Nasr, who will review investment opportunities in Egypt and potential economic partnerships.

A group of senior government officials will also participate in the conference and take part in the Euromoney interactive dialogues.

The conference will highlight success stories, with a focus on specific economic sectors, such as real estate development, construction and housing, helping small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) to launch, and establishing an integrated digital system for the business and finance sector.

The conference will also address Egypt’s currency crisis, the current efforts to adjust the balance of domestic trade, and increase production and exports while reducing imports, along with plans to attract foreign investors.

“We all look forward to returning to Cairo for the 21st session of Euromoney Egypt. This year’s Euromoney Conference is especially significant as it is an important time for both Egypt and the world as a whole. The  conference will include two sets of discussions, reviewing the views of experts, investors, opinion leaders and decision makers in Egypt,” director of Middle East and Africa Euromoney Conferences Victoria Behn said.

Euromoney Egypt is an independent platform to discuss Egypt’s future economic and investment across all economic sectors, and highlight the fundamental changes to economic, financial and legal movement in Egypt. The platform seeks to shed light on major challenges to global financial markets by reviewing them objectively.

More than 1,000 financial and investment experts from all over the world are expected to participate in Egypt’s Euromoney conference this year. Euromoney is the world’s leading organiser of conferences for cross-border investment and capital market investors, financial intermediaries, corporations, governments, banks and financial institutions.

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