3 Brotherhood Workers Wanted By Egypt Police For ‘Assaulting’ Journalists

The office of the prosecutor-general ordered on Monday the arrest of three people who work for the Muslim Brotherhood’s guidance bureau headquarters.

The men – Soheib Mohamed, Mostafa El-Sadawy and Ahmed Abou Raia – are suspected of assaulting six journalists during anti-Brotherhood demonstrations outside the group’s headquarters in Mokattam, Cairo.

A number of protesters, journalists and photographers were attacked on Saturday by members of the Islamist group as a group of youth attempted to draw anti-Brotherhood graffiti near the premises of the group’s national headquarters.

A video which has been widely circulating on social media networks since Saturday, Brotherhood members are seen attempting to forcibly disperse the crowds attacking the media workers covering the event in the process.

The video footage shows a well-built man appears beating up anti-Brotherhood activist, Ahmed Doma before knocking out another female activist, Mervat Moussa with a slap across the face.

Police intervened to disperse the crowds by using teargas and more than a dozen graffiti protesters were arrested in the melee.