300 Egyptian Fishermen Fleeing Libya Reach Their Hometown

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Eleven boats containing some 300 Egyptian fishermen have reached Egypt on Friday after escaping from war-torn Libya.

Families of the fishermen greeted them in their hometown of Kafr El-Sheikh, local fishermen leader Abdo Nasser told MENA.

The fishermen escaped from the Libyan city of Misrata, where armed clashes have been ongoing between the national Libyan army and Islamist-backed militia alliance, Fajr Libya.

Following their escape, the fishermen were reported missing in the Mediterranean Sea due to bad weather conditions and communication between them and their families was temporary lost.

Nasser added that four other boats with more fishermen were scheduled to arrive within a few hours.

Two weeks ago, armed men seized nearly 1,200 Egyptian fishermen in Misrata and the eastern city of Benghazi. The 300 who escaped had managed to contact their families but after weather conditions worsened, communication was lost.

For many Egyptian migrant workers, chaotic Libya is a release from the relentless economic hardship and idleness of home, despite an apparent breakdown of law and order in the North African country.

Recently, there have been several attacks, kidnapping and killings involving Egyptians in Libya.

Source : Ahram online