3rd of March: Social awareness day against sexual harassment in Egypt

“HarassMap” has launched a campaign under the name of “Catch Harasser” that aims to spread social awareness against sexual harassment all over Egypt.

This campaign calls volunteers to gather and spread awareness in their streets by explaining to audience what sexual harassment is in its different forms.

The campaign targets all classes of people, whether the doormen, storeowners, neighbors or anyone present in the street.

“HarassMap” is a new social initiative that aims to help restoring Egypt’s tradition of public safety for women using an SMS reporting system for sexual harassment to change its social acceptability, spread awareness and revitalize public involvement.

The reason behind launching this initiative was their love for Egypt and the desire to make it a more livable place for all by returning to their values of respect. They are seeking partnerships with NGOs, the Egyptian government, and mobile phone service providers.

Volunteers could submit reports on their website: harassmap.org, by email to report@harassmap.org, by twitter (#harassmap), or by SMS 0169870900.

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