8 soldiers killed in ambush on checkpoint in Sinai

Eight soldiers in the Egyptian army were killed on Thursday night in North Sinai after a group of militants ambushed the military checkpoint using cars and explosives, according to an army statement.

The soldiers were killed when an explosive device was detonated near an armed personnel carrier.

The armed forces spokesperson also announced that clashes lead to the killing of three militants. He added that the armed forces are looking for other militants who are still at large.

No militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Usually the most active group in the area “Sinai Province” releases online statements claiming the attack and posting either videos or photos as evidence.

Thursday’s attack has the largest death toll since October, when a checkpoint was attacked and 14 soldiers were killed.

The insurgency in Sinai has escalated after the army ousted former President Mohamed Morsi. Hundreds of civilians, militants, and soldiers have been killed or injured since.

Despite the official narrative that claims the area is witnessing stability and that development projects are being worked on, casualties among security personnel continue on an almost weekly basis.

Source: Daily News Egypt