8 Years since Egyptian singer Amer Mounib death

Yesterday marks the 8th death anniversary of the late Egyptian singer and actor Amer Mounib at the age of 55. He was a warrior and he was not known for giving up easily.

Amer Mounib

Mounib was born in the Dokki district, Giza governorate on 2 September, 1963. His grandmother is late veteran actress Mary Mounib.

Late comedian actress Mary Mounib

He moved in with his grandmother in the Shobra district and often went to theatres with her to watch her preparations behind the curtains.

The late artist’s grandmother died in 1969 when he was only six, and he eventually moved in with his father.

During his career, Mounib accomplished 12 albums, including Awel Hob (first love), Kol Sanya Ma’ak (every second with you), and Faker (Do you remember?).

In 2002, Mounib started his acting career through participating in the movie Sehr El-Oyoun (magic of the eyes) with Egyptian actress Hala Sheeha, Nelly Karim, and Mohamed Lotfy.

He also performed other movies, until his last movie El Ghawas (The Diver).

In 2009, Mounib released his only spiritual song Ya Allah (O Allah), after completing a pilgrimage to Mecca to perform an Omra (Muslim Ritual).

On Facebook, his daughter – Mariam Amer Mounib – publishes a post that made his lovers cry: “I always wanted to sing with you when I grew older, but you were taken away too soon my love…”

Mariam Amer Mounib

“Definitely to the happiest place ever and now I finally got a glimpse of how it would have felt if you were here. But actually, you were. The vibes in the studio, how everything went so smooth and so fast…”

Mariam Amer Mounib

“The love I received from everyone that loved you so much. The appreciation I felt just because I carry your name…”

“I’m the luckiest girl in the world, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, not only because I’m your daughter…it’s just the fact that you were an angel on earth and now the most beautiful one in heaven…”

“I just wanted to send you something so special and I know you’re looking down on us with so much love as usual… 8th year without you and it still stings just as bad as it did the first day, just happy knowing you’re happier,” she said.